This document is the API reference for the libfprint library.

The latest version of libfprint, as well as the latest version of this API reference, is available online.

I. Library Overview
Advanced Topics
Getting Started
II. Library API Documentation
FpContext — Discover fingerprint devices
FpDevice — Fingerpint device routines
FpImageDevice — Image device subclass
FpPrint — Fingerprint handling
FpImage — Internal Image handling routines
III. Writing Drivers
Device methods for drivers
Internal FpDevice — Internal device routines
Internal FpImageDevice — Internal image device functions
USB, SPI and State Machine helpers
SPI transfer helpers — Helpers to ease SPI transfers
USB transfer helpers — Helpers for libgusb to ease transfer handling
Sequential state machine — State machine helpers
Logging — Logging functions
Image manipulation
Internal FpImage — Internal image handling routines
Image frame assembly — Image frame assembly helpers
Print handling
Internal FpPrint — Internal fingerprint handling routines
Listing drivers
API Index