Supported Devices

This is a list of supported devices in libfprint’s development version. Those drivers might not all be available in the stable, released version. If in doubt, contact your distribution or systems integrator for details.

USB devices

USB ID Driver
045e:00bb Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B/4500
045e:00bc Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B/4500
045e:00bd Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B/4500
045e:00ca Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B/4500
0483:2015 UPEK TouchChip/Eikon Touch 300
0483:2016 UPEK TouchStrip
04f3:0907 ElanTech Fingerprint Sensor
04f3:0c26 ElanTech Fingerprint Sensor
05ba:0007 Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B/4500
05ba:0008 Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B/4500
05ba:000a Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B/4500
061a:0110 Veridicom 5thSense
08ff:1600 AuthenTec AES1610
08ff:1660 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1680 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1681 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1682 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1683 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1684 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1685 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1686 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1687 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1688 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:1689 AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:168a AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:168b AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:168c AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:168d AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:168e AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:168f AuthenTec AES1660
08ff:2500 AuthenTec AES2501
08ff:2550 AuthenTec AES2550/AES2810
08ff:2580 AuthenTec AES2501
08ff:2660 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2680 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2681 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2682 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2683 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2684 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2685 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2686 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2687 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2688 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2689 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:268a AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:268b AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:268c AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:268d AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:268e AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:268f AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2691 AuthenTec AES2660
08ff:2810 AuthenTec AES2550/AES2810
08ff:5501 AuthenTec AES4000
08ff:5731 AuthenTec AES3500
138a:0001 Validity VFS101
138a:0005 Validity VFS301
138a:0008 Validity VFS301
138a:0010 Validity VFS5011
138a:0011 Validity VFS5011
138a:0017 Validity VFS5011
138a:0018 Validity VFS5011
138a:0050 Validity VFS0050
147e:1000 UPEK TouchStrip Sensor-Only
147e:1001 UPEK TouchStrip Sensor-Only
147e:2016 UPEK TouchStrip Sensor-Only
147e:2020 Upek TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor
147e:3001 UPEK TouchChip/Eikon Touch 300
1c7a:0603 EgisTec ES603